Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves: Unleash Your Best Swing


Batting gloves are essential equipment for batters because they play a vital role in enhancing a batter’s performance, They provide batters best grip, reduce discomfort, protect from injuries, keep hand temperature regular, enhance confidence, and look stylish as a sportsperson, baseball players should choose baseball gloves which fit them better and suits according to their need and baseball games preferences at the plate.

Recommended Brand Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves:

When it comes to buying baseball batting gloves, the famous “Bruce Bolt Batting gloves” name comes to mind which has all the specifications that baseball players need when the bat comes in hand. 

"Check out this baseball player in a sharp Power Hitters Choice Bruce Bolt Gloves uniform!
Power Hitters Choice Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

The History of Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves: 

As I read the interesting history on Bruce Bolt’s website and shared it with you, Bruce Bolt is a family-owned and operated business based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2017 by Bear Mayer at only 16 years old, he wanted a better-performing batting glove and needed money for his first truck named Jennifer, a 1993 Land Cruiser. Bear named the company Bruce after his grandfather, who was an exceptional athlete and a great baseball player. The Bolt, well, Bear’s grandfather was struck by lightning not once but TWICE and still lived to tell the tale. Due to those two points, Bear figured the name Bruce Bolt encapsulated the spirit of their company – “A team that appreciates every day and every moment (because you never know when you’re going to get struck by lightning, again) as an opportunity to compete and BE BETTER”.

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves in Baseball

Bruce Bolt batting gloves are a famous and well-regarded brand of sports gloves designed especially for baseball and softball players. These gloves are designed to provide players with a comfortable and reliable grip on the bat, enhance their performance, and offer protection to their hands during games and practice sessions.

Unleash Your Full Potential with Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

Key features of Bruce Bolt batting gloves

Key features of Bruce Bolt’s batting gloves include:

Enhance grip: The most crucial function of a batting glove is to provide a firm grip on a baseball bat, Bruce Bolt batting gloves feature advanced grip technology, The inner palm side surface of baseball batting gloves is made up of a tacky textured surface which maintains a good hold over the baseball bat on all weather conditions if weather if hot it keeps good hold on baseball bat and reduce wetness of hands or if weather is rainy it helps to hold the bat tightly.

Reduced Vibration and Discomfort: When a baseball is not hit straight on the bat’s sweet spot, it can result in vibrations traveling through the bat to the player’s hands. These vibrations can be uncomfortable and even painful. The Bruce Bolt Batting gloves, mostly those with additional padding, help reduce these vibrations, reducing discomfort and potential hand injuries.

Prevention of Blisters and Calluses: Continuously holding the baseball bat can lead players to the formation of Blisters and Calluses, or other hand injuries due to bat friction. Bruce Bolt Batting gloves play a role as a barrier between hand and bat which reduces the likelihood of these injuries, wearing batting gloves is also essential when players have long leagues and long practice sessions.

Temperature Regulations: By wearing Bruce Bolt batting gloves players can keep regulating their hands’ temperature, If baseball players play in the field in cold weather they provide them warmth and keep their hands hot, and if the day is sunny and the temperature is hotter then it protects hands from direct sun rays and reduce sweating in hands which can cause losing bat grip during game.

Style and Personal Expression: The Bruce Bolt Batting gloves come in various colors, designs, and brand logos. Players often choose gloves that match their team colors or reflect their style and preferences. This allows them to express their uniqueness on the field. 

Style and Customization: The brand offered a variety of stylish designs and color options, allowing players to choose gloves that matched their team colors or personal preferences. Some models even allowed for customization, so players could add their personal touch to their gloves.

Durability: These gloves were built to withstand the rigors of baseball and softball, making them a long-lasting investment for players.

Sizing Options: Bruce Bolt provided a range of sizing options to ensure that players could find the perfect fit for their hands.

Performance Enhancement: The gloves were designed to improve a player’s performance by providing a better grip and greater control over the bat. This often led to improved batting accuracy and power.

Why spending on Bruce Bolt Gloves worth it? 

Bruce Bolt’s Batting gloves are quite expensive compared to other brands available in the market but spending money on Bruce Bolt batting gloves is worth it because like other gloves you don’t need to replace them in a short time, you can use them for so long because of its durability and comfort, Bruce Bolts batting gloves are made up of special leather made from sheepskin, is called Cabretta which is the softest leather in the world. 

Power Hitters Choice Bruce Bolt Gloves are the real deal
Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves: A Game-Changer for Baseball Players

Pros and Cons of Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves:

Fit in hand
Long Term Use

How long does Bruce bolt batting gloves last?

In my opinion, as much as we care about any product we can use it is long-lasting, Reviews come from many players who used Bruce bolt batting gloves they appreciate the glove’s material, and durability. Most gloves last between 2 weeks and a year.

Players who use their gloves daily then they need to change them frequently but Bruce Bolt’s batting glove doesn’t need to change for the whole season, Investing in a pair of these gloves are worth it. 

Care Tips For Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves: 

As per Bruce Bolt Gloves Manufacturer Caring tips guidance we can use a pair of gloves lasting:

  1. Dry the gloves after each use
  2. Moisturize the gloves with leather conditioning balm
  3. Don’t Use BRUCE BOLT Batting Gloves in the Rain 
  4. If they need to be cleaned, use light soap on a damp cloth
  5. To remove any smell, use Pow Air essential oil deodorizer
  6. Two pairs of Bruce Bolt batting gloves last longer than one pair

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves Measurement Size Chart:

As Per the Company Website Batting Glove Size Measurement in Inches from Wrist to Top of Middle Finger :

Adult XL8.25’’ – 8.5’’
Adult XXL8’’ – 8.25’’
Adult XL7.75’’ – 8’’
Adult Large7.5’’ – 7.75’’
Adult Medium7.25’’ – 7.5’’
Adult Small7’’ – 7.25’’
Youth XL7’’ – 7.25’’
Youth Large6.75’’ – 7’’
Youth Medium6.5’’ – 6.75’’
Youth Small6.25’’ – 6.5’’
Youth XS6’’ – 6.25’’
Youth XXS5.75’’ – 6’’


Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves is a famous brand among players, they provide the best quality gloves manufactured with the best material. The Mantra of the company is “BE BETTER” they keep evolving their product day by day. Bruce Bolt’s batting gloves are quite expensive this is the only downfall Otherwise as much as I go through the reviews of players they suggest investing in these gloves because it is a long-lasting product that doesn’t need to be changed frequently. They have perfect fit size charts for player’s hand measurement, they also provide a care handling tips guide. 


  • How do I choose the right size of Bruce Bolt batting gloves? Refer to Bruce Bolt’s sizing chart, which should be available on their official website or product packaging. Measure your hand according to their guidelines to determine the correct size.
  • How do I clean and maintain my Bruce Bolt batting gloves?
  1. Moisturize the gloves with leather conditioning balm
  2. Don’t Use BRUCE BOLT Batting Gloves in the Rain 
  3. If they need to be cleaned, use light soap on a damp cloth
  4. To remove any smell, use Pow Air essential oil deodorizer
  5. Two pairs of Bruce Bolt batting gloves last longer than one pair
  • Who is the founder of Bruce Bolt Business? Bear Mayer is the founder of Bruce Bolt Business. 
  • What are the pros and cons of Bruce Bolt’s Batting glove? Pros are these are durable, comfortable, for long-term use, and fit in hand The only con is the cost, gloves are quite expensive.

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