The Glorious Baseball Mullet: An Iconic Baseball Haircut

Image depicting a baseball game in progress on a field, showcasing the distinctive hairstyle known as a baseball mullet.
Image depicting a baseball game in progress on a field, showcasing the distinctive hairstyle known as a baseball mullet.

The mullet haircut is deeply ingrained in baseball history and culture. This classic “business in the front, party in the back” style has been sported by numerous MLB stars over the decades. Though it has evolved, the mullet remains a popular statement haircut for baseball players. In this blog, we’ll explore the origins, evolution, and enduring legacy of the baseball mullet.

The Rise of the Mullet in 70s/80s Baseball

While the exact origins are debated, the mullet exploded in popularity in the 1970s and 80s, including among baseball players. Stars like Mike Piazza, Mitch Williams, Jose Canseco and others proudly rocked the curly mullet haircut. For these players, it was all about having properly coiffed hair up front paired with an untamed mane in the back that flowed out from under their hats.

The mullet perfectly embodied the rebellious, rock-and-roll attitude of that era. And baseball players certainly got in on the trend. Their mullets waved in the wind as they sprinted around the bases after yet another home run. This iconic haircut became forever linked to some of baseball’s biggest personalities from that period.

Evolution to the Modern Baseball Mullet

While mullets fell out of favour in the 90s and 2000s, they have come back in a big way in modern baseball. However, today’s baseball mullet has evolved from its predecessor. Less curly, shorter and often paired with faded sides, the modern mullet is more streamlined.

Today’s players incorporate modern elements like hard parts, high fades and textured flow. This gives a nod to the classic mullet style while updating it for today’s fashion. The modern baseball mullet is equal parts timeless tradition and contemporary style.

Stars like George Springer, Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr. and others have popularized their variations of the mullet. These current MLB players put a modern spin on this retro haircut. Their updated mullets with temple fade and textured flow embodies baseball’s enduring connection to this iconic hairstyle.

Why Do Baseball Players Love the Mullet?

There are several reasons why the mullet haircut remains popular among baseball players:

Tradition – Connects players to the history and culture of the game

Style – Lets players express their flair on the field

Comfort – Keeps hair off the neck while allowing flow in the back

Superstition – Players keep their hair routine the same during hot streaks

Intimidation – Mullets project a rugged, rebellious attitude

Part of baseball’s charm is its traditions and unwritten rules that get passed down through generations. The mullet has become one of those iconic traditions. Players today understand and appreciate the rich history associated with this hairstyle.

How to Get the Baseball Mullet Haircut?

Want to get the baseball mullet for your next haircut? Here are some tips:

  • Leave 6-8 inches of length in the back to achieve a nice flow.
  • Taper the back and sides into a fade or undercut. This gives a modern update.
  • Texture the top layers for movement and flow that looks great under a cap.
  • Use clay or wax styling products to shape and direct the flow.
  • For curly hair, ask your barber to point cut into the ends to encourage curl formation.
  • Maintain the look with regular trims to prevent overgrowth and style loss.
  • The baseball mullet is equal parts art and attitude. Work with your barber to find the right length, layers, and styling to get the perfect modern baseball mullet.

Baseball mullet haircuts and their history in MLB:

The baseball mullet is most likely closely linked with pitcher Randy Johnson.
For the bulk of his 22-year MLB career, Johnson had a mullet.
Another MLB star in the 1990s and early 2000s with a flowing mullet was catcher Mike Piazza.
Baseball players may retain short hair up front to fit under a baseball cap while still showing off their unique personalities in the rear with the mullet look.

Popular mullet cuts for MLB players have evolved throughout the years from longer and curlier to shorter and textured. Fades and well-defined layers are frequently used in contemporary baseball mullets. The mullet has a long history in baseball, but younger players like Fernando Tatis Jr. update it to fit modern hairstyles. Baseball players in college and the minor levels both love the baseball mullet. Embracing baseball tradition entails doing this.

Examples of Awesome Baseball Mullets in MLB History

To see this iconic haircut in action, let’s look at some all-time great baseball mullets from MLB history:

Randy Johnson – The “Big Unit” was known for his fierce pitching and equally intimidating mullet that flowed out from under his cap.

Mike Piazza – Piazza’s curly golden locks were nearly as memorable as his incredible hitting. His mullet remains iconic.

Mitch Williams – With his flamboyant mullet blowing behind him, Williams electrified fans as he closed out games for the Cubs and Phillies.

Jose Canseco – Canseco’s larger-than-life persona was perfectly complemented by an untamed mullet befitting his power.

Oscar Gamble – Gamble’s afro-mullet combo made him one of the most recognizable players of the 1970s.

Keith Hernandez – Hernandez paired his impeccable moustache with a carefully styled mullet befitting his swagger.

Kurt Stillwell – The Reds shortstop sported a reddish-blonde mullet so huge and curly it had a life of its own.

Barry Bonds – Early in his Pirates career, Bonds went deep while sporting a short and tight baseball mullet.

The baseball mullet has provided players with an opportunity for self-expression and connection to the game’s traditions for decades. It remains an iconic hairstyle in baseball history.

Mullet Baseball Styling Tips

When it comes to baseball mullet haircuts, especially for those long-haired baseball players, it’s been quite a journey. These styles have developed through time into some quite innovative versions that accommodate various hair types and desires.

One classic twist on the baseball mullet is the curly mullet, which adds some oomph by blending natural curls or permed curls into the longer back part. This kind of baseball mullet haircut can give you that edgy look, and it’s a favourite among folks who are lucky enough to have those natural curls. You know, even players like Bo Bichette have rocked this style.

But if you’re feeling a bit more daring, there’s the mohawk mullet. Imagine merging the traditional mohawk with the longer hair of a mullet. It’s a bold choice! You usually get those tapered sides that smoothly lead up to a central strip of longer hair, which you can style in all sorts of creative ways.

Then there’s the trend of playing around with fades like the taper fades or burst fades. These fades gradually blend the shorter sides into the longer top and back, creating a super sleek transition between the different hair lengths. And the great thing is, it works for all kinds of hair.

Now, if you’re aiming for a more polished look, the straight-side combed mullet might be your thing. It’s like a refined version of the classic mullet, with neatly combed sides and back. It’s perfect for those who want to keep the traditional mullet design but add a touch of modern style, maybe with a slick back or a quaff.

Baseball mullet styles come in a vast variety, with something to fit every person’s taste and hair type.

You may choose a baseball mullet variety that is perfect for you, whether you want to channel the retro style of the 1980s or something more modern. And don’t worry if you’re wondering why so many baseball players have long hair or if you’re seeking some great baseball player hairstyles.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including mullet baseball haircuts that are making waves in 2022 and beyond.

Short Baseball Hair flow: Mullet Hairstyle

You see, the beauty of the mullet haircut is that it allows your hair to flow gracefully from under the cap. With shorter hair in the front, baseball players can comfortably wear their caps without those unruly locks obstructing their view during those intense games. It’s like having that perfect balance of style and practicality, known as the short baseball hair flow.

And now for the interesting part: Mullets have recently become more popular among baseball fans as well as players. The modern mullet has some slick features, like tapered sides, a longer back, and a mix of lengths in the front.  Baseball enthusiasts still find the short baseball mullet to be charming and appealing, as evidenced by the fact that players like Bo Bichette have worn one.


The iconic baseball mullet haircut has stood the test of time. Players today continue to put their spin on this classic style. Love it or hate it, the mullet is intertwined with baseball history and culture. So “business in the front, party in the back” will likely be seen on MLB fields for years to come. The contemporary mullet, frequently seen on MLB players with mullets like Mike Piazza and Jose Canseco, blends fashion and utility, especially when worn with a mullet moustache combination.

Any baseball player who likes mullets will find the baseball mullet perm to be a standout option since it gives this traditional appearance an edgy twist.

FAQ About Baseball Mullets

Question#1: Do baseball players still wear mullets?

Yes, the mullet remains a popular haircut in baseball. Many current MLB stars like George Springer and Fernando Tatis Jr. rock modern versions.

Question#2 Why do baseball players like mullets?

Mullets allow players to express attitude and individual flair. The haircut also connects them to baseball history and tradition.

Question#3 Are mullets allowed in MLB?

Yes, MLB does not regulate players’ hair length or style. The mullet does not break any league rules.

Question#4 Did Barry Bonds have a mullet?

Early in his MLB career with the Pirates, Barry Bonds sported a short and close-cropped mullet hairstyle.

Question#5 Who had the best mullet in MLB history?

Some of the best MLB mullets belonged to players like Mike Piazza, Randy Johnson, Oscar Gamble, and Mitch Williams.

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